John Deere M-Gators were used in Iraq and Afghanistan for a variety of roles. They were originally intended to be used for transporting wounded in the field. The Garrison M-Gator was mainly used on secured fire bases, and support bases. Other M-Gators had a variety of individual weapons and crew served weapons mounted on them. Including Heavy Machine Guns and Recoilless Rifles.

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Fully restored 1966 M151 Jeep.  Restored as used by owner in Viet Nam with radios & can be mounted with a variety of different non-guns, propane guns or live weapons. 

1984 M1010 AMBULANCE

 Part of the CUCV Family of vehicles, introduced in 1984, and still in limited use to this day. This ambulance has been fully restored, with duplication of original markings, as it was when it was used by the Texas National Guard.
 In addtion to a full restoration, this vehicle is also fully stocked with all the medical supplies that would have been found in this ambulance for the time period.
This Vehicle can be seen on display at the National United States Armed Forces Museum, on Wallisville Road in Houston, Texas.  A link to their website can be found at the bottom of this page.


 Restored 1941 U.S. Military Dodge Weapons Carrier. Restored as shown, depicting a French Foreign Legion Vehicle, during the WWII period.

Military Vehicle Preservation Association
United States Armed Forces Museum
The Motor Pool

All vehicles shown here are personally owned vehicles.  These vehicles are available for social events, parades, military events, commemorations, or theatrical needs.  Information provided is for background information only.  


 Restored 4 door soft top, "TROOP CARRIER" M998 Humvees. These can be configured in various ways, with the tops and doors on or off, depending on need.  The Military and Civilian Radios, and the Intercom Systems are fully operational.  This vehicle is fitted with a Military Issue High Water Fording kit and has been used during multiple flooding events in the Houston area.

1984 M1009 "M.P." CUCV Blazer

 Restored 1984 U.S. Army M1009 CUCV. Restored back to the condition, and set up, as it was, when it was used by the 270th Military Police at Ft. Hood Texas. All radios, lights, and Sirens are fully operational. As this vehicle was used on base for Law Enforcement Duties, Commercial Style Radios and Military Radios were used. This vehicle has a PRC-25 in a military adapter mount in the back seat.  This allowed the MP's to communicate on base, as well as with Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies in the surrounding towns.
This vehicle is scheduled to go on display at the National United States Armed Forces Museum in the fall of 2020.  A link to their website can be found at the bottom of this page.

Weapons Carrier, Humvee

Hard Top Slant Back Humvee with operational roof mounted weapons station.  A variety of Non-Firing Replica Guns or Propane Simulator Guns can be used with this weapons station.  The Humvee has operational Military and Civilian Radios and Intercom Systems installed.
M998 Humvee
Hurricane Harvey 
Day 1
M998 Humvee
Hurricane Harvey 
Day 2
M998 Humvee
Hurricane Harvey 
Day 3
M998 Humvee
Hurricane Harvey 
Night 1
The X-M 151 Muttvee is an experimental vehicle that was submitted to the U.S. Army for consideration, in the early 1980's, as a utility vehicle during the transition time between the M151 Series Jeeps and the Humvee. They had M151 Jeep drive trains, suspensions etc, with a custom made body similar to a Humvee. All parts for this vehicle except the body were already in U.S. Military Inventories. The Army declined the vehicles because they did not have DIESEL engines.

 Commercial Vehicles were made similar to this on a limited run under the name ALLEY CAT. There were differences in the body style mostly, between the civilian market and military vehicles. A total of 8 XM-151's were submitted to the military for consideration. There are only 3 known examples in civilian ownership. THIS MUTTVEE is 1 of 2 that were submitted with a Chevrolet 6 Cylinder engine instead of the standard M151 Jeep Engine.


1967 Ford M151A1 Communications jeep. This jeep is documented to have been used by the 265th ASA, ABN, of the 101st ABN Division in Viet Nam. As it was unusual for the military to spend the money to bring back to the United States Light Vehicles such as jeeps. This is truly a rare find. The Provenance was documented through Original Vehicle Markings found during restoration, and Photographic Evidence of other vehicles with consecutive military markings, used in Viet Nam. And finally original members of the 265th RRC. 

 During restoration, the use of Bondo was discovered in a number of locations. At first this was thought to have been done because of rust. It was actually done by the previous owner to cover up Shrapnel Damage. According to 265th Members, In summer 1968, while the 265th was at Camp Eagle, in South Viet Nam, they came under rocket attack. 1 rocket hit a truck in their motor pool destroying it. All of the vehicles surrounding it, including this one, sustained varying degrees of damage from the shrapnel.

This Jeep was a communications Jeep, and so was equipped with US Military Receivers and Transmitters. It also has a Russian & a Chinese Field Radio of the period. The members of the 265th RRC used Captured Enemy Radio sets to monitor and decrypt enemy radio transmissions. 

 THE 265th RRC was Stood up on April 21 1967, and was sent to Viet Nam. The unit was Stood Down IN VIET NAM, April 1972

In may, 2022, we had the distinct pleasure and true honor, to Reunite this jeep with the men of the 265th RRC at their reunion in Ft. Worth Texas. Here are some pictures.